How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your mental health or sense of well-being?
My poem intends to reach the depth of loneliness, sadness and guilt in times as critic as our's. I was not aware of how isolated I was, of how lonely I felt, for quite a while, and I understand that there are many people who feel the same way. The pandemic affected my mental health deeply. I, as an anxious person, felt quarantine as a break, at the beginning...but then i realized the major impact on me. What once was a fun day with my friends, is now a nightmare of social anxiety, which I struggle with. I soulfully and truly believe in the power of poetry, the boundaries it can cross and the infinite lengths of imagination, which can be explored. I hope this poem can achieve a sense of togetherness, for the people who feel, as I, lonely.

I like the little lock
In the handle of my big door -
A simple switch - when it is flipped
Makes me feel alive!

I escape all the pain -
Whereby I fade -
To this world were I entertain
Nothing, but myself -

In my chest I see a flame -
Targeting the light in my brain! -
Embracing all the shame -
Running through my veins-

For not smiling, as I should
For shedding only a tear -
Or not? Maybe more? -
But who would know?
If in silence I sit with sadness, all alone.

The guilt took my heart
Like a mother takes her daughter -
With one hand on her back
And another tangled within her palms
But with the slightest touch
He tore the dull porcelain doll -
Who weeped all day long -
For him to come, but he did not

He left, never seen again-
Under my eyes - I sensed a new friend- 
But somehow he could not be seen-
He was Death - Death came to me!
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